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Happy New Year Korean 2020 For People

Happy New Year Korean 2020

Happy New Year Korean 2020

Happy New Year Korean 2020 Right off the bat, Korea has two New Year festivities. On January first, there is the festival of the Solar New Year, 신정 (sinjeong). That is the festival canvassed in this article.

Be that as it may, in late January or early February, Koreans commend the Lunar New Year, 구정 (gujeong), by having a huge occasion known as 설날 (seollal). During seollal, individuals as a rule visit the place where they grew up, eat 떡국 (tteokguk) with their families, and visit their progenitors’ graves.

During the Solar New Year, individuals frequently invested energy with their companions. In Central Seoul on New Year’s Eve, numerous individuals accumulate to hear the ringing of the chime in Jongno on the stroke of 12 PM.

Happy New Year Korean 2020

Formal ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean

1. 새해 복 많이 받으십시오 (saehae bok mani badeusipsio)

This expression is frequently utilized in formal circumstances, welcome cards, and when addressing individuals you need to show heaps of regard towards. The 십시오 completion is the extra-formal method for saying – 세요.

Standard ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean

Happy New Year Korean 2020

This expression is the go-to method for saying ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean. 새해 is one of the words that signifies ‘new year’, 복 signifies ‘karma’, and 많이 signifies ‘many’ or ‘bunches of’. 받으세요 is the honorific method for saying 받다, signifying ‘to get’.

2. 행복한 새해 되세요 (haengbokan saehae doeseyo)

This Korean articulation is an option to 새해 복 많이 받으세요 and still signifies ‘Happy New Year’. Use them both on the off chance that you need to get additional training!

Casual ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean

Normally, the vast majority wouldn’t utilize the casual variant of this expression. Be that as it may, the casual expression is alright to state between dear loved ones.

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year Korean 2020

새해결심 (saehaegyeolsim)

The idea of making goals is less basic in Korea than it is in different nations. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to tell individuals your new year’s goals, at that point you can end your sentence with – 기로 했어요 (giro haesseoyo). This completion signifies ‘I plan to’. Take a gander at the models underneath to perceive how it is utilized:


살을 빼기로 했어요 (sareul ppaegiro haesseoyo)

I intend to get more fit.

한국어를 더 열심히 공부 하기로 했어요 (hangugeoreul deo yeolsimhi gongbu hagiro haesseoyo)

I intend to contemplate Korean harder.

체육관에 더 많이 가기로 했어요 (cheyukgwane deo mani gagiro haesseoyo)

I intend to go to the exercise center all the more frequently.

Happy New Year Korean 2020

Ideally now you realize how to state ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean. Make sure to gain proficiency with the expression 새해 복 많이 받으세요 so you can wish the majority of your Korean companions a happy new year!

There are increasingly incredible Korean expressions you can learn! Try not to give this a chance to be the finish of your investigation venture.

December 26, 2017

The most effective method to Say Happy New Year in Korean and New Year Wishes

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Instructions to Say Happy New Year in Korean

Happy New Year Korean 2020

Would you be able to identify with the year passing something like this: “January, February, March – December!”? Numerous individuals do! Quantum material science instructs us that time is relative, and few encounters show this guideline as splendidly as when we arrive at the finish of a year. To the greater part of us, it feels like the bygone one has gone in a matter of moments, while the new year lies ahead like an exceptionally long voyage! Be that as it may, New Year is likewise an opportunity to praise beginnings, and to bid farewell to what has passed. This is valid in each culture, regardless of when New Year is commended.

All in all, how would you say Happy New Year in Korean? Let a local instruct you! At KoreanClass101, you will figure out how to accurately welcome your companions over New Year, and wish them well with these Korean New Year wishes!

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Chapter by chapter list

Step by step instructions to Celebrate New Year in Korea

Must-Know Korean Words and Phrases for the New Year!

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions in Korean

Persuasive New Year Quotes

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Step by step instructions to Say Happy New Year in 31 Languages

How KoreanClass101 Can Help You Learn Korean

Yet, we should begin with some jargon for Korean New Year festivities, extremely helpful for discussions.

1. Step by step instructions to Celebrate New Year in Korea

Did you realize each Korean get 1 year more established on January first on New Year’s Day? Truly, that is the manner by which Korean age works and how Koreans get more seasoned, and that is the reason New Year’s Day is increasingly uncommon in Korea.

Happy New Year Korean 2020

There are two New Year’s Day in Korea; one is 구정 (gujeong) and 신정 (sinjeong.) 구정 (gujeong) is the New Year occasion dependent on the lunar schedule. It’s viewed as more customary than the other one, 신정 (sinjeong), which depends on the sun powered schedule.

During the conventional new year occasion, family social gatherings occur. Be that as it may, as of late less and less individuals are visiting the place where they grew up during 구정 (gujeong), in light of the overwhelming congested driving conditions from Seoul to different urban communities. Rather, an ever increasing number of individuals are visiting their family on 신정 (sinjeong), the New Year occasion on the sunlight based schedule, or different ends of the week. Additionally, here and there guardians visit their children’s or little girls’ homes. In Korean, this pattern is called 역귀성 (yeok-gwiseong) which signifies “Turned around homecoming.” As it sets aside a lot of effort to go from Seoul to different urban communities, the guardians travel to Seoul.

Happy New Year Korean 2020




This is really plain as day. Most nations pursue a Gregorian schedule, which has around 365 days in a year, while in certain societies, other year assignments are likewise regarded. In this manner, New Year’s day in Korea could fall on an unexpected day in comparison to in your nation. When do you observe New Year?




The point in time when daily closures and a new one beginnings. Numerous New Year celebrants want to remain conscious till 12 PM, and welcome the new annum as it breaks with show and firecrackers!

3-New Year’s Day

새해 첫날

saehae cheonnal

In many nations, the new year is commended for one entire day. On the Gregorian schedule, this falls on January first. On this day, various societies take part in merry exercises, similar to parties, marches, huge dinners with families and some more.




A gathering is the vast majority’s preferred method to end the old year, and charge happily into the new one! We praise all we achieved in the old year, and cheerfully foresee what lies ahead.



As a rule, when the clock strikes 12 PM and the New Year formally starts, individuals break out in move! It is a jaunty method to express a celebratory mind-set with great desires for the year ahead. Additionally, maybe, that the old year with its issues has at last passed! Move gatherings are likewise a mainstream approach to spend New Year’s Eve in numerous spots.




Beginning in France, champagne is a bubbly, mixed beverage that is frequently used to toast a person or thing during festivities.




These are explosives that reason astounding impacts when touched off. They are well known for reporting the beginning of the new year with uproarious clamors and beautiful showcases! In certain nations, firecrackers are embarked to drive off insidiousness spirits. In others, the utilization of firecrackers is taboo in urban regions because of their hurtful impact on pets. Most creatures’ hearing is significantly more touchy than people’, so this uproarious showcase can be exceptionally shocking and damaging to them.


카운트 다운

kaunteu daun

This commencement alludes to New Year celebrants checking the seconds, generally in reverse, till 12 PM, when New Year begins – an incredible gathering movement that doesn’t alarm creatures, and includes a great deal of cheerful yelling when the clock strikes 12 PM!

9-New Year’s Holiday

연말 연시

yeonmal yeonsi

In numerous nations, New Year’s Day is an open occasion – to recover from the gathering the earlier night, maybe! Families likewise prefer to meet on this day to appreciate a dinner and fraternize.


색종이 조각

saekjjongi jogak

In most Western nations, confetti is customarily connected with weddings, however frequently it is utilized as a gathering design. Some want to toss it noticeable all around at the strike of 12 PM on New Year’s Eve.

11-New Year’s Eve

섣달 그믐

Seotdal Geumeum

This is the prior night New Year breaks at 12 PM! Frequently, loved ones meet for a gathering or feast the prior night, some of the time participating in year-end ceremonies. How are you wanting to give your New Year welcome in 2018?




A toast is a kind of gathering greeting that includes raising your glass to drink with others to pay tribute to a person or thing. A toast to the new year is certainly all together!




Those objectives or goals you plan to, however only from time to time keep in the new year! Numerous individuals think about the beginning of a new year to be the advantageous time for making changes or arrangements. Goals are those expectations to change, or the plans. It’s ideal to keep your goals sensible so as not to frustrate yourself!




Happy New Year Korean 2020

New Year festivities are an immense arrangement in certain nations! Marches are held in the avenues, regularly to celebratory music, with beautiful outfits and bunches of moving. Marches resemble walks, just less formal and way increasingly fun. At KoreanClass101, you can take part in gatherings with locals who can disclose to you what Korean New Year festivities resemble!

Korean New Year is regularly a family holiday.The three-day occasion is utilized by numerous individuals to come back to the places where they grew up to visit their folks and different relatives, where they play out a tribal custom called charye. The three days are the day of, the day preceding, and the after. 36 million South Koreans apparently would make a trip to visit their families during the Korean New Year. Koreans travel inside the nation, yet around the globe, also. Numerous Koreans venture out from abroad to visit their families for this yearly occasion. Since it is one of only a handful couple of times families might have the option to get together and make up for lost time with each other’s lives, it is viewed as deferential and critical to go to the occasion. Regularly, the relatives first visit the older folks, and this incorporates the grandparents and the guardians. It is likewise viewed as aware for individuals to visit their moms and fathers-in-law during the Korean New Year.

Counting travel cost, readiness for this occasion is exorbitant. Blessings are normally given to relatives and new garments are worn during the occasion. Customary nourishment is set up for some relatives coming to visit for the occasion. Organic products are particularly costly. Because of the expanded interest, nourishment costs are swelled during the long stretch of Seollal. Subsequently, a few people have forgoed a few conventions since they have turned out to be excessively costly. These families set up an unassuming genealogical custom just with fundamental nourishments for Seollal. The legislature has begun taking certain measures to help balance out and bolster common individuals’ business for Seollal occasion period. They have raised the inventory of horticultural, fishery, and animals items. The administration utilized the rice stores and pork imports to bring down swelling. The legislature is additionally placing cash into little and medium-sized organizations to help with income.

Numerous arrangements go into praising the Korean New Year. During the main morning, Koreans offer their regard towards their progenitors. Conventional nourishments are put on a table as an offering to the progenitors, and a ritual starts with profound bows from all relatives. This is an indication of regard and a significant practice on the principal day of the New Year in Korea. It is likewise where they petition God for the prosperity of all the family members.Many Koreans spruce up in bright conventional Korean attire called hanbok. Hanbok are normally worn for uncommon events, for example, weddings, Korean New Year, kid’s first birthday celebration, etc.However, with modernization and advancing mores in the way of life, more individuals will in general incline toward westernized, current garments to the hanbok. After the ritual, the individuals have a major banquet.

Moreover, Koreans pursue a zodiac like the Chinese zodiac. Twelve (12) creatures speak to the 12 years in successive request with the rodent/mouse speaking to the primary year. Buddha is accepted to have welcomed creatures from everywhere throughout the world to visit, to which just 12 visited. Consequently, he regarded them by naming the years in the request that they arrived.Koreans accept that particular zodiac creatures bring explicit assets and characteristics. For instance, the year 2014 was the year of the steed, and it was viewed as a decent year in the cash and vocation part of life. It is said that an individual conceived in a particular zodiacal year will convey that zodiac creature’s qualities. Thus, Koreans plan their year and exercises around it to have a decent, prosperous year. Guardians may have even arranged the birth year of their youngster, so the kid may have a particular trademark. Most would agree that the Korean zodiac is a significant piece of Korea’s culture.

Another exceptionally watched is the lighting of a “moon house” worked from burnable kindling and branches. This symbolizes the warding off of terrible/abhorrent spirits for the new year. Numerous likewise include wishes they need work out as expected in the following year to the moon house.

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